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About Ambassadors Group

Ambassadors Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: EPAX) is a socially conscious, education company located in Spokane, Washington. Ambassadors Group is the parent company of People to People Ambassador Programs, new subsidiary World Adventures Unlimited, Inc., and BookRags, an educational research website. The company also oversees the Washington School of World Studies, an accredited travel study and distance learning school.

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People to People Ambassador Programs
About Ambassador Programs, Inc.
Ambassador Programs, Inc. organizes and promotes global, educational travel opportunities to bridge cultural and political borders through education and exchange, making the world a better place for future generations.

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About BookRags, Inc.
BookRags, Inc. (www.bookrags.com), founded in 1999, initially started as a source for online book summaries and notes, and has grown into an educational website that attracts millions of users and advertisers each month. Students and teachers are able to “research anything” through over 6 million pages of content, including BookRags created material, licensed material, user-generated content, and other third party content.

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Discovery Student Adventures


About World Adventures Unlimited, Inc.
World Adventures Unlimited is a leading travel organization that organizes and promotes international adventure programs for students. These programs provide the opportunity for grade school, junior, and senior high school students to visit foreign destinations to learn about the natural science, culture, art, geography and ecology of such areas.

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